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                      Old Updates/News     


Stuff To Be Done

NickWell, since my stupid file host had to

deleted my files (again) I will have

to re-upload all of the episodes all over again.

So, at this time many of the TV Show episodes

wont work, but I will re-upload them as soon

as I can. Also if anyone hasn't noticed I've started

uploading iPod/iPhone versions of some of the

episodes, so you can either download them and

synch them with your iPod or watch them directly

on your iPod Touch or iPhone through Safari.

So far only the first Mystery Dungeon special

iPod/iPhone version is available. I also plan

on completely revamping and renaming the site

very soon when I find the time to design the new

layout. Also I'd like to say happy (late) 5th birthday

to Pichu's World and Happy Veterans day.


November 11, 2008 by Nick

Site Updates

NickYea, I haven't gotten a chance to

update in a while, but now I did

so here are the updates. I added more pictures

to the Pokemon Product Gallery, I added

a new Funny Pokemon TV Show Screen Captures

gallery, I added one of my new drawings to

the Fan Art page and I updated the Show Schedule

page. For the fan dubbing updates

I have opened voting for understudies for

Corphish, Loudred and Wigglytuff. Please

watch the videos embed on those pages and

vote for who you think did the best.

And that's all the updates for now!


October 19, 2008 by Nick  

Pokemon-A-Thon on Labor Day

NickCartoon Network is going to be having

a Labor Day Marathon of Pokemon

starting at 6:30 A.M. (Central Standard Time)

with Pokemon: The First Movie, then from 8:00 A.M.

to 6:00 P.M. the currently aired Pokemon Diamond

and Pearl Battle Dimension episodes with a brand

new episode showing at 5:30 P.M. At 6:00 P.M.

will air the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

episode, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team

Go-Getters out of the Gate! followed by the new

mystery dungeon special, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:

Explorers of Time and Darkness at 6:30 P.M. The

newest  Pokemon movie, Pokemon: The Rise of

Darkrai will air at 7:00 P.M. which will last

until 9:00 P.M.


August 31, 2008 by Nick

Pokemon DP Battle Dimension

NickI was finally able to record some

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle

Dimension episodes since Cartoon Network

decided to show a marathon at 11 AM which

showed the last 4 episodes of Pokemon Diamond

and Pearl and the first 4 episodes of Pokemon DP

Battle Dimension. I uploaded the episodes 

Tears For Fears!, Once There were Greenfields and

Throwing The Track Switch. I also uploaded a very

good quality mp3 file of the Pokemon DP Battle

Dimension Theme song which is on The Shows page.


August 26, 2008 by Nick

Pokemon Toys at Burger King

NickFinally after eight years Burger King

is going to have Pokemon toys again.

The toys include collectable figures featuring Pikachu,

Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig, Happiny and Pachurisu

and there's also two Plush figures featuring Pikachu

and Mantyke and four card caddies which feature

legendary Pokemon Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai and

Manaphy. All collectable figures, Plush figured

and card caddies also include one Diamond

and Pearl TCG card, which I think is random

because I got a different Pokemon TCG card

from the figures I got. The toys will be around

from July 7, 2008 to August 3, 2008.

Go to for more Info.

Also you can check out the new Burger King

Pokemon Toys Picture Gallery I added with

pictures of all the collectable figure that I

got so far. I also added a video of the

Burger King Commercial as well.


July 22, 2008 by Nick

Crazy Schedules, Pokemon Ranch

and updates on the PMD2 Fandub

NickI haven't gotten a chance to update

in a quite a while because I was a

bit busy with things including transferring my

files to my new laptop. Getting to the updates

now; I updated the Show Schedule page to

Cartoon Network's "wonderful" new

schedule for Pokemon. Now the 2 PM time

slot is filled with something else (and they just

had to do that during the summer) and now

they're showing pre-Diamond and Pearl

episodes again, AT 6 and 6:30 IN THE

MORNING!!! *sarcastically* Another very 

"smart" choice of Carton Network. Also I

got a chance to download the North American

version of Pokemon Ranch and make a video

on it and I got a chance to send out the very last

Block of lines to the PMD2 fandubbers so hopefully

we'll finish this 5 month project soon! xD


July 14, 2008 by Nick

Pokemon Ranch Channel Gallery

NickI was able to get a Japanese copy of 

the Pokemon Ranch Channel and got

to test try it. Overall, it was good but unfortunately

because I can't read Japanese I hardly knew what

I was doing except that I knew the option for Yes

is to the left. xD I was able to take some pictures

directly from the game with the take picture feature

and those pictures are in the Pokemon Ranch Gallery

along with the pre-release pictures. Also in other

Pokemon News; Darkrai is going to be able to

be legally gotten in American on May 31st though

June 1st at Toys R' Us stores.


May 28, 2008 by Nick

New Picture Galleries

NickI changed the Pictures Page into a

picture gallery, so now the existing

pictures are sorted into categories and I added

two new galleries with new pictures. I added the

Pokemon Snap Gallery and the Pokemon Products

Snapshots Gallery. If anyone would like to submit

their own pictures in these galleries please email me.


April 19, 2008 by Nick

We're Back Again, Again!!

NickThanks to Pinkie Pichu of Pichu's World

we were able coming back again!

Well, I still didn't get a chance to remake the

layout and revamp the site because I'm busy

with the PMD2 fan dub and school and other

stuff, so I decided to upload it early and work

on it when I get a chance to. In other Pokemon

news the new season, Pokemon Diamond and

Pearl: Battle Dimension has came out today

at 8:30 P.M. (CST). Cartoon Network thought

it would be a good idea to not announce it at

all. Thanks again Cartoon Network for your

"wonderful" support.


April 12, 2008 by Nick

We're Back Again!!

NickAfter about two months of server

problems we're finally back! While

the server was down I added the Pokemon

Snap Station page because of the recent

release of Pokemon Snap to the Virtual

Console, and I'll be adding some of my

Pokemon Snap picture soon. I also

added a page for the Pokemon Ranch

Channel that's going to be released to the

Wii Shop Channel sometime this year, and

lastly I updated the Show Schedule page to

Cartoon Network's new ridicules time slots.

Read Full Story


January 20, 2008 by Nick

Happy Halloween

NickHappy Halloween to everyone here

and for people having Trick or

Treating today, have fun. Trick or Treating for

my Town was on Sunday and I couldn't go

because of my weird Dad again. =(

Also me and kiera started a Forum Banner

Contest for the new Banner at the forums here.


October 31, 2007 by Nick

Getting More Wii Friendly

NickSince Wii Internet Channel Users

couldn't play the videos before

because you needed Windows Media Player

Plug in to play it, I decided to make a Flash

version of some videos (and more soon)

thanks to the great Flash Video converter

program Internet Video Converter. So,

now all you Wii Users out there can watch

the videos too. Go to the Wii Videos page

to check out what Videos are Wii-Ready.


October 16, 2007 by Nick

Videos and Downloads

NickI added two new downloads to

the downloads page Pokesav and

Wonder Mail Generator which are both

game cheating games. I also added The

Whistle Stop video for another Episode



September 15, 2007 by Nick

Some Updates

NickI added two new Videos, Blue

Pikachu (Pikablu) Sprite Glitch and

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Missigno and

Tutor Glitch. I also updated the character pages

and Show Schedule Page and I added a new

Fan Art by Elijah. Also Boring school started

for us today. =(


September 4, 2007 by Nick

PC Formatting

NickI had to reformat my PC, so I had to

backup all the web site files, then

transfer them back to my PC, so I was unable

to update for a while. I will be able to upload

more episode videos and start adding more things



August 21, 2007 by Nick

Another Moron, This Time on MSN

NickAs we all know there are people on

the internet or on television shows that

just don't have the intellectual knowledge or a high

enough IQ to understand Pokemon, like Movie

critics, Game Reviewers, some news writers

and (of course) Anti-Pokemon Losers. Today

I've noticed this article called TV's worst

animated series of all time and I noticed

Pokemon and some other good cartoons

were listed there, the moron mentioned

"'Pokémon' had no story, only a Darwinist premise"

maybe if he would think for a minute instead of

spontaneously posting this he might realize Pokemon

does have a story. Now if he wanted a list a cartoon

with no story he should have listed Spongebob, but

he didn't list it, which makes me question who's

the ignorant fool who wrote it.


July 7, 2007 by Nick

More Episodes!

NickI just got my camera back a few days

ago and I uploaded a couple of episodes,

The Bridge Bike Gang and Dawn of a New Era.

I also re-uploaded Pikachu's Goodbye video, so

now it's in better quality and I added the Pokerap

to the end of it. I will start uploading more episodes

when I get the chance.


June 27, 2007 by Nick

Broken Camera

NickMy Camera broke just recently,

and because I use it to transfer

videos from my VHS tapes or TV to my PC

by using the Analog to Digital Converter feature,

so I wont be able to upload any more videos for

about two weeks.

Read Full Story


June 17, 2007 by Nick

Pokemon Master Marathon

NickThe first 2 day Pokemon Marathon

on Cartoon Network called "Pokemon

Master Marathon" is starting on June 2 at 6 A.M.

until June 3, this marathon will have favorite episodes

from season 1 all the way to season 9. So if you

either started watching Pokemon late (like when the

3rd, 4th, 5th and beyond season) and would like

to see what you have missed or if you just want to

watch it to remember all the good times back in 1998

then this is the marathon for you! And trust me this

marathon will be A LOT better than that 24 hour

Spongebob "'Best'(Worst) Day Ever" marathon

because Pokemon is 1000000000 Times

better! =)

Also, if you take the Gotta Know 'em All! Quiz

Gotta Know 'em All! Quiz

and get a high enough score you name could be on TV!


May 27, 2007 by Nick

I Finally Found It!!!!!

NickAfter searching on my recording video

tapes for a very long time I have finally

found my favorite Pokemon Master Quest episode,

Hocus Pokemon, which I have recorded 4 years

ago on Kids WB. It's now currently available on

the Videos page. Also, I have added the theme

song for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which is

available on The Shows page, and I added

a page for the new Pokemon Cloning Glitch

on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in The Games



May 17, 2007 by Nick

Pikachu's Hideaway is Gone!!

NickPikap0w3r the owner of Pikachu's

Hideaway (another Pokemon fan

site that I'm a staff member of) has decided

to close PH due to the hacker incident that

started around the week of April 20. It's just

sad that after three years of work on PH that

another Pokemon fan site gets closed down.

Although Pikap0w3r is closing down PH

he became a co-owner of Pichu's World

and will donate his work from PH to PW.


May 14, 2007 by Nick

New Staff Member!

RyanHi, my name is Ryan and I'm the
new staff member here! here is
my very first update.

Visual Game Advance-

This is a Gameboy that can be used on your
Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Silver

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Crystal

Enjoy my friends!
If you need help with this e-mail me at


May 3, 2007 by Ryan

Diamond and Pearl Updates

NickI just added the pages for the new

season of Pokemon Diamond and

Pearl and the new Pokemon game Pokemon

Diamond and Pearl, and I uploaded all three

parts of the season premiere of Pokemon

Diamond and Pearl, which are Following A

Maiden Voyage, Two Degrees of Separation

and When Pokemon Worlds Collide. Also,

I uploaded two episode requests which are,

Pokemon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis and Haunter

vs. Kadabra, and if you wanted to watch any

old first season episodes, you can now watch

them everyday at 9:00 P.M. (CST) on



April 28, 2007 by Nick

The First Episode is Now Available!

NickIf you have either missed the first

episode or just want to watch it all

over again you remember all the good old times

back in 1998 you can now watch the very first

Pokemon episode, Pokemon I Choose You!,

which is now available in the Videos page.

Also, for those of you who didn't know the

new tenth season of Pokemon (Diamond and

Pearl) is coming this Friday, April 20th at

7:00 PM (Central Standard Time), and the

new Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond and

Pearl is coming out Sunday, April 22nd.


April 18, 2007 by Nick

First Video Request

NickSomeone requested the episode,

Pokemon: The mastermind of Mirage

Pokemon it is now available in the Videos page.

The old Pokemon: The mastermind of Mirage

Pokemon link that was in the videos page before

was a link to AOL vide of it, which only works

with AOL now.


March 26, 2007 by Nick

Many Updates

NickI did a lot of updates, I finished all

the episodes guides for all seasons

of Pokemon, I updates the Show Schedule page

and I added a new page in The Shows section

for Available Episodes that I got, so if you want

to request that I upload a episode please visit

this page fist to see what episodes I got available

to upload.


March 22, 2007 by Nick

New Web Host (Again)

NickI've decided to move NPFS to Pokemon

Element's server because Cp-Free

wasn't really a good web host anymore, so now,

thanks to Haunter Master of Pokemon Element,

our web host will be Pokemon Element and it will

be until Pokemon Element gets shut down, which

hopefully wont be until a long time from now.

Also, I made my first Visual Basic game called

Catch The Pokeballs, which is available in the

Downloads page.


March 18, 2007 by Nick

Web Host Problem

NickRecently my web host had a server

error which deleted my web site

files, so I had to re-make my web site account,

but now it wont let me upload certain file types

to my web site, so until I my web host restores

my original account or until I figure something

else to do like move to a new web host, or

host those files on a different server, All the

Show Theme Songs, The Color Pikachu Game

and all the Downloads will be unavailable, but

all the Videos will still be Available.


March 11, 2007 by Nick

Moving is Finally Finished

NickI finally finished moving all the files

to the new web host, and I moved

the Pikachu's Goodbye and The Apple Corp

Video to the Snap Drive servers so that

I can save space and bandwidth on this

web host. Affiliates if you're reading this

please update your my web site link to the

new URL.


March 5, 2007 by Nick

No Updates For a While

NickI wont be updating NPFS for a while

because I'm going to be moving NPFS

to a new host. Also I just re-uploaded all the episode

videos because snapdrive had a server problem and

all my episode videos got deleted.


February 8, 2007 by Nick

New Web Game

NickI added a new web game called

Dress Pikachu to the web games

section. I also updates Pokemon Chronicles

Episode Guide, fixed the On Olden Pond and

Tactic Theatrics video and I fixed the loading

problem in the Trainer Challenge Game. I

took off some of the affiliates that shut down

their web site.


January 7, 2007 by Nick

Not Again!!!!!!

NickIt looks like I'll have to move NPFS

to another web host because Elixant,

who hosts Kanto Network, who hosts NPFS,

is shutting down their web servers, but at least I got

a early notice, unlike those other web hosts I had in

the past, so I can move NPFS early and give visitors

a notice of the new URL.

More Info about Elixant Shutting Down here


December 28, 2006 by Nick

A few Updates

NickI have updated the Pikachu Character

Tester to version 1.02 by fixing a

problem when you click the say it button

without typing in any text and the Oekaki is

now re-open again. Also, soon I'm going to

add videos for the Pokemon Mirage Kingdom

episode and the Green Guardian episode and

soon I will add two new web pages, one is

about Anti-Pokemon losers and the

other is about other misc. content.


December 16, 2006 by Nick

Updated Theme Songs

NickI updated the Pokemon Advanced

Challenge, Advanced Battle and

Battle Frontier theme songs, now the sound

quality is much better. Also, I added Pokemon

Chronicles Theme Song, Pokemon Chronicles

Theme Song (First Episode) and Pokemon

Battle Frontier Ending Theme Song and I

added more information and pictures on

the Pokemon Chronicles page.


November 16, 2006 by Nick

More Updates

NickI added two new downloads,

The official Pokemon NetBattle and

Pikachu Character Tester, a program that I made

for people to test my Pikachu character's actions,

sounds and word balloon. I also added a new poll

to the Weekly Poll page about your favorite

Pokemon theme song, and I updated the Show

Schedule page.

For anyone who forgot or didn't know about,

today was Trick or Treating day.


October 29, 2006 by Nick

Lots of Updates

NickI added four new videos which are

Pokemon Battle Frontier: Queen

of Serpentine , Pokemon Battle Frontier:

Off The Unbeaten Path , Pokemon Advanced:

Tree's A Crowd and Pokemon Kareokemon:

Jenny and Joy. I also updated the character

pages for Ash, Brock and May and I updated

the Show Schedule Page in the shows section.

8 Days until Trick or Treating!!


October 21, 2006 by Nick

New Web Game

Nick I added a new web game called

Trainer Challenge, it's a game

where you pick the best Pokemon for the

question that is being asked. Also, I updated

the Show Schedule page to the new schedule.


October 6, 2006 by Nick

Oekaki Problem

NickFor some reason,

my Oekaki web host, decided to

upgrade their MYSQL servers, but they forgot

to backup the databases so now the oekaki

database is deleted that's why that MYSQL

error shows up and when I tried to make a

new database it said that I already made one

even though it says I have 0 MYSQL Databases,

so now I'm finding a new web host to put the

oekakis on and I'm going to be getting new

forums too that are going to be hosted at 

he same web host.


October 4, 2006 by Nick

Pokemon Battle Frontier Videos

NickI added a two new videos,

Pokemon Battle Frontier: On Olden

Pond and Pokemon Battle Frontier: Tactic

Theatrics!! to the videos page and for some reason

You Tube deleted most of my videos, except for

the two most recent videos, so now I have

to upload most of the videos to a new file host.

All the videos should be uploaded by later



October 2, 2006 by Nick

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

NickPokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and

Blue Rescue team was released 4 days

ago and I added info on both Pokemon Mystery

Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Pokemon

Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Tem in the Game

section, I even added special Wonder Mail

Passwords that allow you to unlock Pokemon

that aren't normally available in either version

and special items and special Friend Areas.


September 22, 2006 by Nick

Some Updates

NickI added the Pokemon Battle Frontier

Theme Song to the shows section

and I added two new videos, Pokemon Battle

Frontier: A Chip Off The Old Brock and

Pokemon Battle Frontier: Wheel of Frontier

and I updated the show schedule page to the

new schedule.

Also only 2 days until Pokemon Mystery



September 16, 2006 by Nick

Lots of Updates

NickI added a lot of updates to NPFS

the first update I added was the

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters

Out of the Gate video and the Pokemon Battle

Frontier Season Premier: Fear Factor Phony

video and I added pages for Pokemon Battle

Frontier in the shows section, and we have a

new affiliate Poke Trade. Soon I will add

the theme song for Pokemon Battle Frontier.

Also only 5 days until Pokemon Mystery



September 13, 2006 by Nick

Season Premiere Today!

NickToday on Cartoon Network at

7:00 and 7:30 PM was the premiere

of the new 9th season of Pokemon: Battle

Frontier and the premier of the Pokemon

special Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:

Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate, which is

based on the new Pokemon game that is

coming out this fall called Pokemon Mystery



September 8, 2006 by Nick

Boring School Again

NickBoring school has started for me

and most other people too just a

few days ago, but I did get to take a Visual

Basic class so by the end of the year I might

start making non-flash downloadable games.

Also, I added a link to the new div layout,

which is still in beta, to the layouts in the right

side of the current layout and I'm working on

some new pages too and we also have a new

affiliate, Nyura Clan


September 5, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliates and Buttons changed

NickI changed most of the buttons to our

new web site name, Nick's Pokemon

Fan Site in the Banners page, and we also have

a new Affiliate, Nyura Clan

Nyura Clan


August 24, 2006 by Nick

Some Updates

NickI updated the show Show Schedule

and soon I'm going to be banners page

so that I can change the buttons to the web site

name. Also, I didn't get a chance to update to

update I'm a while because the hard drive on

my computer broke and it had to get replaced

and I had to backup all my files and re-install all

my programs too.


August 11, 2006 by Nick

More Updates and Two New Videos

NickI finished changing the web site name

on most of the pages and after that I'm

going to change the buttons and banners on the

Banners page and change the web site name on

the home page header. I added two Pokemon

episodes in the videos page, the episodes

are Pikachu's Goodbye and The Apple Corp.

Also, in video game news, the new Opera

web browser for Nintendo DS was released

in Japan today.


July 24, 2006 by Nick

Major Updates

NickI'm going to be doing major updates

to NKPFS, I'm changing the name

to Nick's Pokemon Fan Site and taken off

Kevin's picture and email on the About Us

and Contact US pages and I'm going to be

adding some new pages and I might change

the home page to the new div layout I'm

working on soon.


July 20, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate

NickWe have a new affiliate, 

PkChris's Mighty Pokémon Page

also the reason why I didn't update in a while

is because me and my family were moving to

a new place and I was unable to get to a



July 16, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate

NickWe have a new affiliate, Poke Flora

and I added the new affiliation ranks

and put all the current affiliates in different ranks.

You can look at the Affiliate page to see the

new affiliation rules.


June 21, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate and Some Updates 

NickWe have a new Affiliate, Mika's

Pokeball. Also I added some new

pages for Pokemon Chronicles in the The

Show section and soon I will be making

Affiliation Ranks, they will me Top Affiliate,

Normal Affiliate and Mini Affiliate and I will

be changing the rules for each rank and there

will be a special rule for all of the ranks too.

Mika's Pokeball


June 14, 2006 by Nick

Pokemon Chronicles Premieres Today! 

NickThe new Pokemon TV show, Pokemon

Chronicles premieres today on Cartoon

Network at 6:00 PM.


June 3, 2006 by Nick

New Fan Art 

NickI added a new Pikachu Fan Art

in the Fan Art page made by Kat.

Also, added a new button and I started on the

Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed walkthrough

and we also have a new affiliate,

Pokemon Element.

There are only 6 days left of school!!!


June 1, 2006 by Nick

A few updates 

NickI added the Pokemon Advanced

Challenge theme song to the shows

section and we also have a new affiliate, Pokemon


Pokemon Falls


May 22, 2006 by Nick

Pokemon back on Cartoon Network!

NickPokemon is finally back on Cartoon

Network again every weekday

at 4:00 P.M. This time they will be showing

Pokemon Advanced Challenge Episodes.


May 15, 2006 by Nick

Pokemon game news from E3

NickThere are going to be three new

Pokemon games, which are Pokemon

Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team for Nintendo

DS, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

for Game Boy Advance and Pokemon Ranger for

Nintendo DS. Both of The Pokemon Mystery

Dungeon games will be released around

September 18, 2006, but the release date

for Pokemon Ranger has yet to be determined.


May 11, 2006 by Nick

 New Affiliate

NickI added another new affiliate,

Poke-Storm. Also soon I'm going

to putting up new div (CSS) layouts. You can

check them out here.



May 3, 2006 by Nick

 New Fan Art

NickI added a new Fan Art picture in the

Fan Art page called Pikachu and

Pichu Playing Nintendo DS.


April  18, 2006 by Nick

The Mysterious ???? Pokemon

NickI added info. pages for the Mysterious

?????? Pokemon for Ruby, Sapphire,

Emerald, LeafGreen and FireRed. It explains

about how to catch it, what glitches it has

and more. Also Happy Easter to everyone!


April  16, 2006 by Nick

Funny and Interesting Screenshots

NickI added some Funny and Interesting

Screenshots from my Pokemon

LeafGreen game.


April  15, 2006 by Nick

Funny Screenshots Added

NickI added Funny Screenshots from

my Pokemon Emerald game.

I will start making some funny screenshots from

Pokemon LeafGreen tomorrow.


April  14, 2006 by Nick

Episode Guide Finished

NickI finally finished the Pokemon Johto

Journeys Episode Guide. I might start

making more details about every episode once I

finish the other episode guides.


April  13, 2006 by Nick

Web Site Pages fixed

NickI fixed up all the HTML coding on

all the pages and it took off the ad

scripts that our old host Tripod put in, so now

you wont get those annoying script errors.


April  11, 2006 by Nick

Updated Show Schedule Page

NickI updates the Show Schedule page

to Kids WB and Cartoon Network's

new Pokemon show times. Also thanks to the

idiots at WB, Kids WB has been taken off the

weekday schedule (along with Pokemon and

other great shows) to show two stupid and

boring hour long shows, which are ER and 8

Simple Rules and Cartoon Network has

temporarily taken Pokemon off all times (again)

and so Pokemon is only shown on Saturday

at 10:00 and 10:30 A.M.    >:(


April  6, 2006 by Nick

Commenting Added in Updates/News

NickI added a commenting script in the

updates/news powered by Haloscan,

so now you can comment on any updates/news

I make.

April  2, 2006 by Nick

New Fan Art

NickI added a new Pikachu Drawing

Fan Art from PKMN Trainer Nella

in the Fan Art page.


March 31, 2006 by Nick

Fixed Up Links on Pages

NickI finished changing all the links

that have links to NKPFS on it

to our new web site URL.

March 30, 2006 by Nick

All Web Site Files Uploaded

NickI finished uploading all of my web

site files and I also got Road Runner

today so the downloads section only took about

a few minutes.

March 28, 2006 by Nick

Still Uploading Web Site Files

NickAlmost the whole web site is

uploaded except the downloads.

I will upload the downloads tomorrow when

I get Road Runner so that I don't have to wait

a hour to download them on my dial-up now.

I also have to change the old worldfreeweb links

in the Fan Art, Banners, Web Games and Adopt

A Pokemon pages.

March 27, 2006 by Nick

Moving Again

NickMy old web host World Free Web

shut down their web severs and

NKPFS got deleted too. Just like when NKPFS

was hosted with Uhostnow. Thanks to 

Kanto Network we are back up again!

Also I might be changing the web site name

some time during spring break.

March 26, 2006 by Nick

Pokemon Trozei Page Added

NickI added Pokemon Trozei to the

games section. I'm also still

working on a div layout for NKPFS.

you can see the div layout here.

March 11, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate

NickI added another new affiliate,

Etsu's Hideout.

Etsu's Hideout

March 10, 2006 by Nick

Affiliate Change

NickOur Affiliate The Shiny Eon House

changed their web site name from

The Shiny Eon House to Moonlit Silver; they

also changed their link too. So I changed their

old button and link on NKPFS to their new one.

Moonlit Silver

March 7, 2006 by Nick

We're Back!

NickAll of my monthly bandwidth was

all used up for Febuary because

lots of people were going to my Nintendo Wifi

with dial-up Tutorial, but now that it's March

we are back again.

March 1, 2006 by Nick

Minor Updates

NickI updates the Ash and May character

pages to add Ash's new Pokemon,

Snorunt and May's new Pokemon, Munchlax.

February 19, 2006 by Nick

Minor Update

NickI added the Pokemon Advanced

Battle theme song in The Shows


February 5, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate

NickI added another new affiliate,

Raichu's Web Page.

Raichu's Web Page

February 1, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate

NickI added another new affiliate,

The Shiny Eon House.

Shiny Eon House

January 26, 2006 by Nick

2 New Pages

NickI added 2 new pages, a Affiliate page

a page to see the rules on affiliating

with NKPFS and Error Reporting page a page

that you can report errors on NKPFS to me

January 23, 2006 by Nick

New Award

NickWe have won a new award from

PokemonPower, it's a Gold award

and also PokemonPower has won our Gold

award too.

January 20, 2006 by Nick

New Affiliate

NickI added a new affiliate, Pokemon

Power. Also I going to make a

Affiliate page soon.


January 15, 2006 by Nick

Happy New Year!

NickHappy New Year 2006! I hope

you all have a nice New Years


January 1, 2006 by Nick

Minor Updates

NickI added a new way to skip the

Browser Registration in the Pokemon

GS and Pokemon (Ruby and Sapphire) Browsers

because the new registration page for the browsers

is not working any more.

Also in 2 days it will be New Years Day 2006.

December 30, 2005 by Nick

Centered Pages Fixed

NickMy web host fixed the code in the

ads that caused all the pages to be


December 26, 2005 by Nick

Minor Updates

NickI have added new codes for

Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and

Ruby. Also I am sorry about every page being

centered but my web host recently changed

the ads and for some reason it affected all

of the pages. If any could help me on how

to fix the centered pages thing please e-mail

me at

December 21, 2005 by Nick

New Fan Art

NickI added two new fan art pictures;

Pikachu and Kacheek Meets,

a picture of Pikachu and Kacheek meeting

each other and they become friends and

Pikachu Opening Christmas Presents, a

picture of Pikachu opening Christmas presents

on Christmas morning.

December 16, 2005 by Nick

New Christmas Layout

NickI made a new Christmas Layout

for the Holidays.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

December 7, 2005 by Nick

My Friend's Mom is Missing

NickMy friend's (Scott) mom is missing,

she has been missing since November

20. The police have found her car with her purse

and cell phone in it. The last time anyone has had

contact with her was on the morning of

November 21 with her daughter and Scott's

sister Valerie.


More information is at these web sites:

Missing Abducted

GM Today


Angel Missing

December 5, 2005 by Nick

New Oekakis

NickI added 2 new oekakis, a

Upload Oekaki for people who

want to upload picture that they have already

drew and a Doodle Oekaki for people who

want to make short pointless doodles.

November 14, 2005 by Nick

Today is Trick or Treat day!

NickToday is the day to go Trick or

Treating, where I live New Berlin

it is from 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. and where

my grand parents live West Allis it is from

1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. I couldn't go Trick

or Treating this year because it started raining


Read Full Story

October 30, 2005 by Nick

We finally moved to a new permanent host!

NickWe have finally moved to a new

permanent host. Our temporary web

site will no longer be updated. Our new web

site address is .

Also there are some updates:

New Halloween layout

New Awards

Added Pokemon Advance Battle

2 new pages, E Cards and Web Resources

October 19, 2005 by Nick

Pokemon Rocks Chicago!

NickToday Pokemon Rock's America

is now at Chicago. The event is

being held at the Navy pier from 10 A.M.

to 4 P.M. more info is below:

Navy Pier
600 East Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 595-PIER
(800) 595-PIER

October 15, 2005 by Nick

Today is My Birthday!

NickToday is my Birthday and I'm 15

and I'm going to see the fireworks

and go to Chuck E. Cheese with my family

and friends.

July 4, 2005 by Nick

New Oekaki!

NickWe have a new Oekaki with

better features and you can even

upload pictures on to too. You our old Oekaki

by clicking the Old Oekaki link on the new

Oekaki home page.

June 15, 2005 by Nick

New Fan Art

NickI added a new fan art picture 

in the Fan Art page it is called

Pokemon 4 Ever Painting. Also Happy 

Summer every body!

June 12, 2005 by Nick

Today is Kevin's Birthday!

NickToday is Kevin's Birthday he

is now 13 years old. Also e3

2005 is over and they said about a new

Pokemon game called Pokemon XD.

Its sort of like Pokemon Colosseum but

a little different.

May 21, 2005 by Nick

Win Our Award Form Fixed

NickI have fixed the win Our Award

Submit for so now you can fill

out the submit form again. Also I have added

changing buttons to the home page and the

old news/updates page just put your cursor

over the buttons and they change into a 

different button. Also we have won another

award from Pokemon Heaven too.

May 10, 2005 by Nick

Minor Updates

NickWe have a new top site 

Pokemon Station, 2 new web site

links in the Web Sites page and some of the old

new has been moved to the old news page.

May 5, 2005 by Nick

New Award!

NickWe have won a new award from

Hidden Legends it is a Celebi Award

and also Hidden Legends has won our gold

award too.

April 19, 2005 by Nick

Web Games Updates

NickThe Who's That Pokemon Game

is now updated to version 2.0

and also there a new round in the game

where you listen the the Pokemon's cry

and try to guess which Pokemon is it.

April 15, 2005 by Nick

A New Award!

NickNick and Kevin Pokemon Fan Site

has won another award from

Mewfornia and also we are in the Mewfornia

Hall Of Fame poll you can vote for us by clicking

the button above this updates section.

March 30, 2005 by Nick

We've Moved!

Nickwe now have completely moved to

the new host. You can get to our new

web site by going to: or  also our 

old web site will still be so you can still go on it

but it will not be updated. More info is at the

News page.

March 26, 2005 by Nick

2 New Web games!

NickI added 2 new web games they

are tic-tac-toe game and pong

game and they are Pokemon themed.

March 8, 2005 by Nick

Games Updates

NickI added info for Pokemon Emerald

game and I added the picture for

Pokemon Dash

January 24, 2005 by Nick

Minor Updates

NickI added more contact information for

both of us and I added Trainer Cards

on the About Us page and we won 1 more award

from Pikachu's Hideaway.

January 14, 2005 by Nick

Oekaki Added

NickI just added a Oekaki and I added

the links to our other stuff on the 

home page too.

January 3, 2005 by Nick

News on home page Installed

NickI have installed the news on the home page.

Now you can now now more in detail about

site updates.

January 3, 2005 by Nick













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