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I am currently not taking requests for uploading more episodes and the previously uploaded episodes have been taken down since the file host was taken down. I will bring episodes and episode requests back in the future once I find a good enough file host provider and have the time to re-upload episodes.

These are episodes of Pokemon that I either recorded from TV on a blank VHS tape, from a Pokemon VHS Tape or I recorded directly to my computer.  The episodes with links are already uploaded and available for watching at NPFS and the episodes without links are episodes that I have, but aren't uploaded yet, but can be uploaded at any time (except for the episodes that got lost, which can't be uploaded at this time). If you want to request that I upload any of these videos you can email me telling me what episode I should upload.


Pokemon - I choose you!
Pokemon Emergency
Ash Catches A Pokemon
Challenge of The Samurai
Showdown in Pewter City
Clefairy and The Moon Stone
The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
The Path to The Pokemon League
The School of Hard Knocks
Bulbasaur and The Hidden Village
Charmander-The Stray Pokemon
Here Comes The Squirtle Squad
Mystery At The Lighthouse
Electric Shock Showdown
Battle Aboard The St. Anne
Pokemon Shipwreck
Island of The Giant Pokemon
Tentacool and Tentacruel
The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
Bye Bye Butterfree
Abra and The Psychic Showdown
The Tower of Terror
Haunter vs. Kadabra
Primape Goes Bananas
Pokemon Scent-Sation!
Hypno's Naptime
The Bridge Bike Gang
Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Pikachu's Goodbye
The Case Of The K-9 Caper!
Pokemon Paparazzi
The Ultimate Test
The Breeding Center Secret
The Pi-Kahuna
A Friend In Deed
Friend And Foe Alike


Day 1 (Monday)
Day 2 (Tuesday)
Day 3 (Wednesday)
Day 4 (Thursday)
Day 5 (Friday)

Pokemon Commercials:

Pokemon Red and Blue Commercial


Pokemon  (Orange League):

Hello Pummelo 
Enter The Dragonite 

Pikachu's Jukebox:

2B A Master
My Best Friends
What Kind of Pokemon are you?
Together Forever
Double Trouble (Team Rocket)
Viridian City


Pokemon Johto Journeys:

Spinarak Attack
Snubbull Snobbery
The Little Big Horn
The Chikorita Rescue
Once In A Blue Moon
The Whistle Stop

Pokemon Kareokemon:

You and Me and Pokemon
Pikachu (I Choose You)
Two Perfect Girls (Jenny and Joy)
Song of Jigglypuff
All We Wanna Do


Pokemon Johto League Champions:

The Apple Corp


Pokemon Master Quest:

Hocus Pokemon


Pokemon Advanced:

Tree's A Crowd


Pokemon Advanced Challenge:

I have no Pokemon Advanced Challenge episodes Yet


Pokemon Advanced Battle:

I have no Pokemon Advanced Battle episodes Yet


Pokemon Battle Frontier:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!
Fear Factor Phony
A Chip Off the Old Brock
Wheel of Frontier
The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon
On Olden Pond
Tactics Theatrics!!
The Green Guardian
Queen of the Serpentine!
Off the Unbeaten Path!
Pokemon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis!


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl:

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Following A Maiden Voyage! (Season Premiere Part 1)
Two Degrees of Separation!  (Season Premiere Part 2)
When Pokemon Worlds Collide! (Season Premiere Part 3)
Dawn of a New Era!


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension

Tears for Fears!
Once There Were Greenfields
Throwing The Track Switch



Pokemon Chronicles:

I have no Pokemon Chronicles episodes Yet