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Pikachu's goodbye Video

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Episode Description:

One day while Ash was traveling through the Viridian Woods with Brock, Misty and Pikachu he meets a whole bunch of wild Pikachus and when Ash's Pikachu tries to be friends with the other wild Pikachus they run away from him at first, but then a little wild Pikachu comes by Pikachu and the others follow and become friends with Ash's Pikachu. After Ash sees that Pikachu has made friends with the wild Pikachu he comes by and tries to be friends with them too but the wild Pikachu became scared and ran away. A while later one of the wild Pikachus who is on a tree branch watches Ash, Misty and Brock talking and then the wild Pikachu slips off the branch into the river and then Ash's Pikachu jumps into the river to save Pikachu, but he gets stuck in the rapids along with the wild Pikachu. The rest of the wild Pikachu see both Ash's Pikachu and the other wild Pikachu and they all get together and make a long chain of Pikachus to reach the Pikachus stuck in the a river. After they rescue Ash's Pikachu and the other wild Pikachu they start cheering for Ash's Pikachu while Team Rocket watches them from a distance. During the night all the Pikachus start singing while Ash watches his Pikachu having fun. Then while Ash is eating with Brock and Misty he starts thinking that it would be the for the best to leave Pikachu with the other wild Pikachus and starts thinking of Pikachu having so much fun with the other wild Pikachus. while Ash is thinking Team Rocket come along and start stealing all the Pikachus, but all the Pikachus get out of the net by biting the net, then Ash's Pikachu jumps up into Team Rockets Balloon and tricks Team Rocket into turning up the heat on their hot air balloon and causing it to pop. Then all the Pikachus start cheering for Ash's Pikachu again and then Ash starts ton walk away from Pikachu and telling him that he should stay with the other Pikachus, then he starts running away and starts thinking of all the good times he had with Pikachu. Then Pikachu and the other wild Pikachus catch up with Ash and then Pikachu says good bye to all the Pikachus and goes back with Ash, while all the other Pikachus start cheering for Ash and Pikachu.