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Pokemon Videos. If you would like to request a video to be uploaded please go to the Available Episodes, so you can see what episodes I have available to upload.

The uploaded episodes have been taken down since the file host was taken down. I will bring episodes and episode requests back in the future once I find a good enough file host provider and have the time to re-upload episodes.

RealPlayer Windows Media Player

Pikachu's Birthday

Kevin's Pikachu's Birthday

Pikachu's 3rd Birthday

Glitched Pokemon Battle

Blue Pikachu (Pikablu) Sprite Glitch

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Missigno and Tutor Glitch

How to download Pokemon Snap (Virtual Console)

How to send Pokemon Snap (Virtual Console) pictures

Pokedex for iOS Video

Pokedex for iOS: All Included Pokemon and their Animations

How to download and start Pokemon Ranch

How to transfer DS Pokemon and take pictures in Pokemon Ranch

Pikachu Float at 2004 Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade


Pokemon Commercials:

Very First Pokemon Commercial (Promo Video)

Burger King Pokemon Diamond and Pearl TCG Toys Commercial

Burger King Pokemon Platinum TCG Toys Commercial



Pokemon I Choose You!

Haunter vs. Kadabra

Pikachu's Goodbye

The Bridge Bike Gang


Day 1 (Monday)

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day 4 (Thursday)

Day 5 (Friday)


Pikachu's Jukebox:

2B A Master

My Best Friends

What Kind of Pokemon are you?

Together Forever

Double Trouble (Team Rocket)

Viridian City


Pokemon Johto Journeys:

The Chikorita Rescue

The Whistle Stop

Pokemon Kareokemon:

You and Me and Pokemon

Pikachu (I Choose You)

Two Perfect Girls (Jenny and Joy)

Song of Jigglypuff

All We Wanna Do


Pokemon Johto League Champions:

The Apple Corp


Pokemon Master Quest:

Hocus Pokemon


Pokemon Advanced:

Tree's A Crowd


Pokemon Battle Frontier:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate

Season Premier: Fear Factor Phony

A Chip Off The Old Brock

Wheel of Frontier

The mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

On Olden Pond

Tactic Theatrics!!

Queen of Serpentine

Off The Unbeaten Path

Pokemon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis!


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl:

Following A Maiden Voyage!

Two Degrees of Separation!

When Pokemon Worlds Collide!

Dawn of a New Era!


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension:

Tears For Fears!

Once There were Greenfields

Throwing The Track Switch