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Glitched Pokemon Battle

You need Windows Media Player to play this video. you can get it at <a href=""><img src="windowsmediaplayer.jpg"></a>

This is a video of a 2 player Pokemon battle that got messed up.


Technical Description on how I did this:

I basically used my special link cable that has a GBA/GBC switch on it (which allows it to be used on both a GBA and GBC game and with both systems as well). If the switch is switched to GBA while in a linked GBC game P1 will no longer receive link data from P2 but will still send the data over and over to P2 so P2 will keep receive exactly the same link data over and over while all sent data from P2 never gets received by P1. P1 and P2 are defined on which side they are in the link in GBA games, but in GBC games the player's aren't really defined and has problems with GBA links, mainly P1's side. So wit concept in mind I'll explain the different things I did in the video. First of all my Crystal game (which is the one shown in the video) is connected to the P1 side while my silver game (not shown in the video) is connected to the P2 side. I basically started out by first telling Pikachu on my Crystal game to use Thunderbolt then I switched the link switch to GBA and switched out my Pokemon my my silver game from Oddish to a stronger Pokemon that wouldn't faint from thunderbolt, and because my Crystal game didn't receive the data telling it that I switched Pokemon on my silver game Oddish appears to be still there. I then switched the link back to GBC and when Pikachu used thunderbolt it didn't faint the actual Pokemon on my Silver game, but because my Crystal game still thinks that Oddish is still the active Pokemon it  was shown as a fainted Pokemon. After Oddish fainted on my Crystal game it waited for my Silver game to send the command for another Pokemon, but because the Pokemon didn't actually faint on my silver game I used an attack move instead. So the attack move command that was sent by my Silver game was received on my Crystal game and that caused the glitched Pokemon to appear because of the invalid command that was sent. The reason I was able to call out my supposedly fainted Oddish again was because he wasn't actually fainted on my Silver game, but because my Crystal game still has his stats as fainted he automatically fainted in my Crystal game upon being called out. The last major freeze glitched was caused by using the fourth move on a three move Pokemon. I basically did this by sending out Alakazan (which only has three moves) on my Silver game then I did the same thing as before except faint the Pokemon and when it was switched to a Pokemon with four moved on my Silver game I just picked the fourth move on my Silver game and because my Crystal game couldn't perform the fourth move because there was no move defined it basically caused the game to completely freeze up.


Interesting facts about this glitch: