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Most of these rules no longer apply or  as I don't really get a chance to update this site very often.
I will still accept new affiliates.

Here are the rules for affiliating with Nick's Pokemon Fan Site:

Top Affiliates

Must be Pokemon related

Must have at least 24 pages

Must be for all ages (No nudity or swearing)

You must update it at least once a month

Must have a good layout made


Normal Affiliates

Must have at least 15 pages

Must be for all ages (No nudity or swearing)


Mini Affiliates

Must be for all ages (No nudity or swearing)



Special Rule for all Affiliation ranks:

If your web site has affiliation ranks and you put NPFS as normal or mini affiliates your web site will be put as that same rank at NPFS even though if your web site can be a higher rank. If your web site doesn't have affiliation ranks then your web site will be ranked on the rules above. However there are some exceptions to this rule.

Forum Affiliation:

Since Forum topics are not actually pages, forums will only get affiliated as Mini Affiliates


Affiliation Archive:

Some Affiliates that are no longer Affiliated with NPFS might get listed on the bottom of the web sites pages in the old affiliates part, but only web sites that either got Deleted, Abandoned, Moved or Converted to another kind of web site, but not web sites that purposely removed their button or link to NPFS and still have a active web site, also web sites that are converted into web sites that are either Anti-Pokemon, Porn or any other type of bad web sites will also not be archived.


To affiliate just e-mail me at with your site name, site url and your site button (if you have one).