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Web Sites

Other Pokemon web sites. If you want to have your web site posted here just e-mail me by going to the Contact Us page.

Official Pokemon Related Web Sites:


Pokemon Fan Sites:

Visit The Pokemon Center!

Pichu's World

Pikachu's Hideaway  Archive

Eonlight Valley (new web site of Mew's Paradise)

The Pallet Tribune

Rocket Islands (possibly The Orange Islands site?)



Abandoned Pokemon Fan Sites:

Togepy's Pokémon Page  link 2

Joey and Jolty's Home

Raichu and Pikachu's Gym

Pikachu's Pika Center

Pokemon Paradise

Pokemon Thunder

Pokemon Pokezone

Pokemon Shrine


PokéMania2 - Your Place For Pokémon! -

Pokemon Mansion

The Pokemon Safari Zone

Andy's Guide to Pokemon

The Pokemon Hotel

Lisa and Daniel's Pokemon Site

Pokemon Island

Pokemon Cheats Galore

Pikachu's Pokemon World


Pokemon Oasis

Pokemon Shrine

Umbreon Trainer's Lair

Poke Glitch

Pokemon Legend

Mews Tower

Pokemon Music Network

The Pokemon Times



Deleted Pokemon Fan Sites:

Pokemon Village

  link 2

Pokemon Palace Network (was shut down by idiots of the US Gov't)

Erik's Pokemon Page

Pikachu's Pokemon Pictures

The Pokemon Paradise


Pokemon Pokemon

Josh's Pokemon Homepage

Pikachu Rated

Marills world

  Visit Vermillion City -Where A New Journey Starts Everyday- Vermillion City

  Jigglypuff's Pokemon Garden Jigglypuff's Pokemon Garden


The Orange Islands

Hidden Legends


Pokémon Fan Universe

Umbreevon's Clubhouse

Umbreon Trainer's Lair (Old)

Mew's Paradise (new web site of Mewfornia)


Pikachu Rated

Clan Pokemon

Team Rocket's Rockin (No Longer about Pokemon except for Archives)



Old Affiliates:

Kanto Network Archive

Pokemon Elemnt Archive


Pokemon Falls Archive  Link 2

Nyura Clan Link 2

Pikachu's Hideaway Archive Link 2


Pikachu Region Archive

We All Live In A Pokémon World

Raichu's Web Page

The Pokemon Elemental RPG

GTS Center


Mika's Pokeball

Moonlit Silver

Pokemon Mystery Club

Pokemon Mystery Club

Poke Planet

Matthews Pokemon World Link 2

Poke Trade

The Best pokemon Fan Site Ever!!


Pokemon Fans Ultimate

Sprite House

The MysteryDungeon

Surfing Pikachu

Pokemon New


Sailor Moon Institute

Sailor Moon Institute