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Pokemon Diamond Glitches


The Cloning Glitch:

*credit goes to Saves and ALTRIKDOUT21 of NSider*

(Note: To do this glitch you will need to have Wifi Access.)

Step 1

Go to the Global Trading Station (GTS) in Jubilife City and Login to Nintendo WFC

Step 2

Once you're at the main menu of the Global Trading Station go to "Deposit"

Step 3

Pick a Pokemon that you want to clone to deposit and make a offer to a Pokemon that no one will trade you.
Also if you want to clone a item, give the Pokemon a item that you want to clone.

Step 4

Now go to yes and pay attention to the "clock" on the bottom right of the message that "Checking GTS's Status....".
Now this part depends on how far you are from your wireless router. 

If you are far away from your wireless router (If your connection strength is around 0 to 1 bar)  then wait until the "clock" turns around exactly 8 times then turn off your DS.

If you are close to wireless router (If your connection strength is around 2 to 3 bars) then wait until just before the "clock" turns 7 1/2 turns.

Dial-up Users must wait until the "clock" turns exactly 2 notches past 8 1/2 turns

Step 5

Now turn your DS back on, and when your game loads up you will get a message that says "Your file has been corrupted. Previous file will be loaded." 

This is normal. Don't worry your saved game file is safe because when you save your game it saves a backup file so if the save gets corrupted then the backup file will load.

Step 6

Now go back to the GTS and login again and withdraw your Pokemon.

Step 7

Logout and Save your game. You now should have two copies of your Pokemon.