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Broken Camera

Broken Camera

My Camera broke just recently, and because I use it to transfer videos from my VHS tapes or TV to my PC by using the Analog to Digital Converter feature, so I wont be able to upload any more videos for about two weeks. They have to order a part for the camera and it will take around 2 weeks to come in.


Recently Recorded Episodes from Pokemon Master Marathon That will be Uploaded:

The Pi-Kahuna
A Friend In Deed
Friend And Foe Alike
Hello Pummelo 
Enter The Dragonite 


Here are the recent Episode Request Emails:

"I would like to request these episodes:

Thanks for reading."

I wont be able to upload these episode until I get my camera back, and it will take a while to upload all these episodes once I do.


"i know you will be shocked but...... can you please upload them all!?
i didnt watch many episodes so please upload all as fast as you can


I'm sorry, but I can't upload all the episodes at once, but I can upload a few at a time, eventually all of them will get uploaded.


"hey do u think u cud get the 4th episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl??"

I just recently recorded this episode, but I wont be able to upload this episode until I get my camera back.


"Hi! I was checking out your available Pokemon episodes and noticed that you have The Bridge Bike Gang available to upload. I would appreciated it a lot if you could upload The Bridge Bike Gang

Thanks a billion!"

I will upload this episode as soon as I get my camera back.