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The Mysterious ??????? Pokemon



If you have Pokemon Emerald don't accept trades from Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed to get ??????? or it will be stuck into your party until you trade it back to that person or another person who has Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed.

About This Pokemon:

This Pokemon is the placeholder Pokemon for Pokemon R/S/E/LG/FR for when you have no Pokemon. It usually is at level 0 and it has no cry in R/S/LG/FR and in Pokemon Emerald it has the same cry as Slowpoke. It has no moves in the game at all so when you battle it it has to always use the move Struggle. It also has it's own shiney form too, the white ? is a little grayer than the regular ????????.

How to Catch this Pokemon:

To get this Pokemon you have to have some game hacking device like a Action Replay or Gameshark. There are two ways to catch it either start a new game and skip getting your first Pokemon, but it will only be in your party until you get a Pokemon or by entering a Wild Pokemon Modifier Master code and one of the ??????? codes below and go to anywhere you can encounter a wild Pokemon like in the grass, water or a cave and then capture it. Also it is more easier to use a Master ball to catch ??????? because almost all direct moves makes ?????? faint; you can use the have all Pokeballs code below to get some Master Balls.


Gameshark SP Codes for Pokemon Emerald:

 Code Name  Code
Wild Pokemon Modifier [M] Master Code 00006FA7000A
??????????? (code 1) 83007CF602CD
??????????? (code 2) 83007CF602BB
??????????? (code 3) 83007CF602BA

Pokemon Emerald [M]
Master Code
Have All Pokeballs 5FC4BF056CCE

?????????'s Glitches in Pokemon Emerald:

Glitch #1: If you try to look at ?????? Summary the GBA will restart or the game will freeze.

Glitch #2: If you enter ?????? into a contest it will have the same move more than four times will always appeal any kind of contest.

Linking Up Glitches with ??????????:

If you have a linked battle with someone who has LeafGreen and/or FireRed who has ???????? and if they call out ???????? Pokemon Emerald will freeze up and the other's player's game will get a communication error.

If you have a linked trade and get ???????? from a LeafGreen or FireRed game, Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire will freeze every time you go to your PC and put the cursor on ????????, which prevents you from releasing them, putting ???????? in a Pokemon Box or anything and it will probably ruin your game. The only way to fix this is to trade back the ???????? to the original person who has Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed or trade it to someone else who has Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed.

If you try to link up Pokemon Emerald with Pokemon Colosseum or XD: Gale of Darkness and have ???????? in your party you will get a message saying "Bad Eggs aren't allowed" so that means you can't battle or trade with Pokemon Colosseum or XD: Gale of Darkness.

Breeding ?????????:

You can breed ??????? by either getting a male and a female ????????? or getting a male or female ???????? and a Ditto and take them both to the Daycare place and start walking around until the day care man is in front of the fence (instead of the back) and the talk to him and the he will give you a egg, now go back in the daycare place and get your Male and/or Female ??????? or Ditto back. Now start walk around or riding your bike around (Note: ?????? egg take a long time to hatch) until the egg finally hatches and then when it hatches the ??????'s sprite will appear Pink, but it will go back to the normal color when it goes into your Pokemon box. It also has been rumored that ????? eggs can hatch into a double ? on Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Teaching ??????? Moves:

??????? can learn a wide variety of different TM moves, but it can only learn one or two HM moves and the certain types of moves can depend on what game you have and what number you entered in the last three digit of the code.