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We're Back Again!!


After about two months of server problems we're finally back! I'm considering changing the site name to something like Pikachar's Clubhouse or something similar, so if you want you can enter a new site name suggestion in the saybox or the forums. One of the things I'm still wonder about is what exactly happened to Haunter Master, who's the owner of Pokemon Element and my web host here because I still haven't received a email from him or seen him update Pokemon Element, which also got deleted like NPFS. While the server was down I added the Pokemon Snap Station page because of the recent release of Pokemon Snap to the Virtual Console, and I'll be adding some of my Pokemon Snap picture soon. I also added a page for the Pokemon Ranch Channel that's going to be released to the Wii Shop Channel sometime this year, and lastly I updated the Show Schedule page to Cartoon Network's new ridicules time slots.