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More Theme Songs Added and

Archival Project

NickIt's been a while since I last posted an  update. Though I have changed and  added a few things without posting an  update. I added the theme songs to Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon BW: Adventures in Unova and Pokemon XY. I also updated the Pokemon Advanced Battle theme song to a higher quality version from the old one that was ripped from a VHS TV recording.

I also updated the registry fix for the Pokemon-branded browsers in the Downloads page for 64-bit OSes as well.

About three years ago I bought the domain of my old  web host, Kanto Network, and used a free web host to host an archived version of Kanto Network as well as other web sites that the owner, Pokemon Trainer Nella, has hosted, including my own which I simply placed a redirect to here. I can't believe it's been almost 9 years since her site was shut down due to her hosting provider shutting down, and since she seemed to have disappeared from the Internet without a trace. I've haven't gotten a chance to update nearly as much as I used to back in the early days of the site due to being busy with school and programming projects and other stuff, but I still get around to updating something in the background every now and then. 

Anyways, Happy belated New Years 2016 to everyone.
It's so crazy how it's already 2016 somehow.

January 18, 2016 by Nick

Ten Year Anniversary Update!

NickTen years ago, on February 22, 2004
to be more specific, I started Nick and
Kevin Pokemon Fan Site. Back then I
didn't really know much about HTML
and created web sites using web site building
software such as Trellix Web. Though, for this 
web site I used Microsoft FrontPage 2000. It
originally started out as a simple project I did
for fun like other web sites I've made at the time, 
but this site ended up turning into something I
maintained for the long term. While searching
around Google and MSN Search (aka Bing)
for links to other Pokemon fan sites I've found
sites that have been abandoned since
1999, but still are very interesting by letting
you peek into the past on how the world of
Pokemon was for fans back then. I also found
other active Pokemon fan sites, such as 
Pichu's World and Pikachu's Hideaway, and
even joined their forums. This was the very first
experience for me and web forums so it was all
new to me. Over time I had made new friends,
learned new things and had fun along the way.
I can't believe it has already been 10 years!

March 8, 2014 by Nick

Pokedex for iOS Screenshots Added!

NickAn official Pokemon app for iOS
devices has been released a few
days ago called Pokedex for iOS.
It's very similar to the Pokedex 3D
app for Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, it's only
available on the Japanese iOS app store despite
the fact that it can be used in English, though
it can be obtained in other countries by creating
a Japanese iTunes account and purchasing a
Japanese iTunes gift card. I managed to get
the app and took several screenshots and 
a video of it.

If you would like me to take any other screen
shots of the app or need help with getting the
app please feel free to email me.

Also since the commenting system I used was
randomly inserting porn advertisements on the
home page for some Android users I've disabled

Pokedex for iOS Gallery

Pokedex for iOS Video

November 18, 2012 by Nick

Pokemon VHS Tapes Giveaway!

NickAt Cranky Yellow there is a giveaway
going on where a lucky winner could
win 20 Pokemon VHS tapes. All
you have to do it comment on the blog
post on the site and the tapes could be yours.
The contest ends January 8th so enter soon!


January 2, 2011 by Nick

Some Updates

NickI uploaded the Pokemon DP: Galactic
Battles Theme song
and I updated
the Show Schedule page. This time
CN at least added a slightly more 
reasonable time of 1:30 P.M., though it's during
 school for most people. They also changed the
new airings to 6:00 A.M. which is a "bit" too early..
The times are in Central Standard Time so if you
live in eastern US then it will be an hour ahead of
those times.

Also because the file hosting site, Mybloop
closed (even though the whole sites goal was for
you to have an unlimited storage place to store files
forever..) all the show episodes are not available, I'll
try to upload them somewhere else as soon as I can.

And since it's the new year, Happy 2010! =)


January 25, 2010 by Nick

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon News!

NickA new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
game for the Wii has been released in
Japan and should be released sometime 
between late 2009 to Summer 2010.
The new game is a full 3D WiiWare game that uses
the 3D models from Pokemon Ranch. There are
three versions of the game: 

Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad, 
Let's Go! Stormy Adventure Squad
Go For It! Light Adventure Squad

Unlike the current PMD games you get to
pick the Pokemon you play as instead of taking
a personality test and in each version you are only
limited to pick certain starter Pokemon types in that
specific version. Blazing will have Fire type starters,
Stormy has Water starters and Light as Electric
starters. More information at

In other Mystery dungeon news, the third installment
of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of
Time and Darkness, called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
Explorers of Sky will be released on October 12,

You can go to G4's new PMD: Explorers of Sky
page for updates on this game.


September 24, 2009 by Nick


NickI added four new product images in

the Pokemon Products Snapshots and

I added a new gallery called the Pokemon

Spottings gallery. This gallery has images of

hidden Pokemon "easter eggs" in TV shows,

video games and more. I also made an icon

for iPhone and iPod Touch users so that when

they add this site to their homepage the icon shows


iPhone favicon


August 20, 2009 by Nick

Pokemon Toys are back

at Burger King!

NickOnce again Pokemon toys are back

at Burger King! Some of the toys

include collectible card holders, card frames

and card rockers. This time instead of getting

only one Trading card per toy, you get two

trading cards, and it's Platinum themed this

time. I also added a video of the

Burger King Commercial as well.

Go to for more Info.


June 16, 2009 by Nick

An Update!

NickI added a new video of the Pikachu

Float at the Macys Thanksgiving Day

Parade 2004 (I should have uploaded it like 5 years

ago, but I just found it randomly on one of my old

VHS tapes xD). In other news the new Nintendo DSi

was released two days ago in North America.

Also, when I get a chance I'll be switching to

Cutenews for site updates.


April 7, 2009 by Nick

New Product Images

NickI added new images to the Pokemon

Products Snapshots and I uploaded

some of the episodes to the new file host, but

I was unable to upload them all because they

disabled their uploaded last week. I'll try to

upload the rest as soon as I can. Also, this

is a little late, but Pikachu's Hideaway is back

again and it is our new affiliate.


January 14, 2009 by Nick


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