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News: Back in rightful hands! April 22, 2007

Guys! It's Pikap0w3r. This isn't an update of any sort but PH as you have seen from PHF, Pikachu's Hideaway has been hacked! I don't know how and sure still don't understand why things went this far, but I managed to get back my access to PH. I don't what's to become of PHF; I've tried everything along with many others trying to help me out.

I won't give up, and thats a promise. I'll do everything in my power to help keep PH alive; for this awesome community may have fallen into wrong hands and I may lose everything, but they can never take away my members and memories that everyone has of this place and has grown to love; all the way back to PH's beginning almost three years ago...

Enjoy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by the way. Today's the day it's out. I pre ordered mine and I'm picking it up later today..quite frankly though I'm not looking foward to playing it now that this has happened. My goal was to complete every unfinished page on PH and fix the oekaki before D/P were released. The oekaki has been fixed and re hosted onto Pinkie's server, but PH it is not complete because of being hacked. Either way, I've failed my goal...

Update by: Pikap0w3r

Pokemon News: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 in the works! March 22, 2007

I'm handling the news at the moment since Arty is slacking. .___.;;

Straight off an unknown, unconfirmed Japanese Magazine confirms that indeed there will be a sequel to the hit Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. As you may recall, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon enabled you to be friend all 386 Pokemon for your rescue team. Most likely with the sequel, the games will feature the new 107 Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl in addition to the 386 making it total 493.

Nothing too major is known about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. The game will be featuring however an even more engaging storyline along with a new gameplay format, and it will support Wi-Fi.

We'll bring you any more developments about the title when more information is released later in the year.

Update by: Pikap0w3r

Update: The Countdown Begins! March 20, 2007

Pretty busy month so far at PH. Lots of work my staff and I are trying to complete in time for Diamond and Pearl. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in some quick updates today.

First and foremost PH finally has well...a Diamond and Pearl section. xD It's just a quick overview of the games right now but that section will grow to be one of our biggest sections once the games are released. I'm quite excited about it.

In other news, Fun Latias has been helping me out some to fix our "Don't Click Here" page. It needed some refreshing; particularly the new award it has in it. Oh, but it's still as evil as ever though! Also Fun Latias put up some new avatars on our "Free Avatars" page. Looking spiffy as always. ^^ I also received some new fan art which I put up. Been a while since I got some new art so please send artwork to us! We'd love to showcase your Pokemon Artwork.

Phew...with still many incomplete pages, we still have our work cut out for us here at PH. We'll pull through though; just in time for Diamond and Pearl to come. I've preordered my copies! See you all soon!

Update by: Pikap0w3r

Update: Changes Here and There! March 7, 2007

Well, I've been working real hard this week and finally much of my work has paid off. =D As you notice to your left, my newly revised navigation. It now has the games listed on a separate page making access and the site layout much more organized and less confusing to you guys. I also put the Saybox back on the bottom left side. It was very popular before and since I made the changes, I've been able to save a lot of space to put more things on the layout.

I also started our brand new Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green section. It's going to take me some time to finish it with the upcoming Pokemon Diamond and Pearl still needing a section and other random pages but I'll get it done. A quarter of it is already complete.

There is still much more for me and my staff to do for this month, and we're only getting started...Heh see you all soon!

Update by: Pikap0w3r

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