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About Pikap0w3r


Update Avatar: Oh! Hey! That's ME! ^_^ Pika Pi!

Age: 17

Birth Date: 8/28/89

Location: Maryland, USA

Gender: Male

Crush: None

Interests/Hobbies: Pokemon! (Of course!), Drawing, Video Games, Website Design, French Language, Honda/Acura, Driving, and...working... a lot. xD;

Pet Peeves: Despite my name, I really hate chat speak; trust me on that one. I also hate people who can't articulate English properly. Its bad enough most Americans can't even speak another language well; let alone their own. I seriously have a problem with people who have an ego/arrogant/stuck up/ etc. It's just not cool man.

Ride: 2006 Acura RSX. Friggin' Sweet. =D

Favorite Color(s): Yellow, Baby Blue, really any color that is bright and cheerful; I don't mind.

Favorite School Subject: French class!

Favorite Favorite Food: Hmm...well I like Brie Cheese although that's a luxury food I don't have often. I like anything Thai, and specifically I also like a good Fruit and Nut Salad with a good vinaigrette dressing. =3 I try to eat healthy...

Favorite Drink: I drink A LOT of tea. iced green tea, peach tea, un sweetened regular tea are my favorites. I have a bad habit of drinking diet coke a lot; I'm addicted to that stuff. xD

Favorite Ideal Vacation Spot: Anywhere in the south of France works for me.

Computer Connection: DSL

Photo: Click Here!

Quick Bio: I love playing Pokemon. (No duh Pikap0w3r!) ^^;; I enjoy drawing them too when I feel motivated to do so. I watch the Pokemon anime when I can. I was once a really big Pokemon card collector. I still collect them whenever I can even though I don't have anyone to battle with. I adore my Pokemon plushies too! Love to cuddle next to em' ^_^. Really I just love and adore being around all things Pokemon. ^^

Some other quick notes about me. I'm a senior in High School full time and very much ready to get out. At the same time, I work full time at a Walgreen's. My life is really busy and hectic but despite that, I think these are the best years of my life and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it with my Pokemon Friends. No matter what happens I'm always a Pokemon lover and always going to support them and continue Pikachu's Hideaway to provide a wonderful positive friendly community for Pokemon fans so as long as there's a computer at my disposal!

Top Five Favorite Pokemon:

  1. Pikachu
  2. Pichu
  3. Minun
  4. Plusle
  5. Mudkip

Least Favorite Pokemon: Mewtwo

Favorite Region: Jhoto

Favorite City: Goldenrod City, Jhoto

Favorite Gym Leader: Wattson

Pokemon Anime Character Most admired: Ash. He never gives up, and has grown so close to his Pokemon; much like I have; especially in the past few recent years.

Pokemon Anime Character Most like: ...Ash xD Definitely Ash.

Quizzes/Fan Listings/Misc:

Find out what pokemon you are at The Cave of Dragonflies!

My Staff

Articuno Ice <-- News Writer/Graphic Designer

Nickjuly4 <-- Anime Content Writer