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Union Room

To enter the Union Room you need your GBA Wireless Adapter inserted into the ext. port on your GBA, then go upstairs in a Pokemon Center and talk to the lady at the second to the left desk. The Union Room is for to Trade, Battle and Chat with people who are within about 10 feet of wireless range.

When you enter the Union Room your sprite will appear as a random person sprite in the game instead of your own trainer sprite; this is probably so that everyone doesn’t look the same.

In the Union Room you can trade other people by talking to the lady by the registration board and pick one of your Pokemon to offer, then pick the Pokemon type of the Pokemon you want to receive, then if someone goes up to the Trading board and had a Pokemon in their party that is the Pokemon type you wanted, then they can trade Pokemon with you.

When you walk by someone you have the choice of Chatting with someone, if you want to chat with someone you just go by someone and pick chat, then it will open up a chat window with characters for you to type messages and two other people can enter the chat room too.

If you want to battle someone just walk by someone and pick Battle, also you can have a multi battle if two other people join too, but your Pokemon have to be at a certain level to battle, otherwise a message will popup saying “My Pokemon aren’t up to battling.”

The last thing is the option of viewing another person’s Trainer Card, just walk by them and pick Trainer Card, then you can see their Trainer Card, but if they’re looking at your Trainer Card then a message will popup saying “The Trainer was too busy to notice.”