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Pokemon FireRed Walkthrough


Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed Walkthrough

Your first start out Pokemon LeafGreen/FireRed talking to Prof. Oak he will then ask you your name, gender and rival's name.

After you talk to Prof. Oak for the first time you will then appear in your bedroom and now can you move around.

When you go outside in Pallet Town the new (annoying) Help system feature will popup telling you how to use it, just keep pressing the A button until it goes to the main help menu, then press L or R.

Now try to leave Pallet Town then, prof. oak will come and take you to his lab where your rival is and then give you your first Pokemon. No matter what your rival will always pick a starter Pokemon that has a advantage over your starter Pokemon.

You : Rival

Bulbasaur: Charmander
Charmander: Squirtle
Squirtle: Bulbasaur

After you pick your starter Pokemon you and your rival will have a battle and in this battle it doesn't matter if you win or lose, you will still get to continue the game game without battling again.

After you battle your rival you will then have to go to the Viridian City Pokemart to get Prof. oak's Parcel, then go back to Pallet Town and talk to prof. oak and he will give you and our rival a pokedex.

After Prof. Oak gives you and your rival your pokedex, you go to your rival's house and talk to your rival's sister and she will give you a Town Map.

Now go back to Virdian City and buy some pokeballs and other items you need, then start going down the path that leads to Victory road and then you will eventually meet up with your rival again for another battle.

After the battle go back to virdian city and talk to the old man who was in the way before and he will teach you how to catch a Pokemon and then give you a TeachyTV which will allow you to see some guy catching a pokemon or battling or whatever thing he can help you with.

Now go through route 2 which will lead to the viridian forest.

enter the house at the end of route 2 and the enter the back door and then you will be in the viridian forest. Viridian forest is a a big forest maze with lots of Pokemon like Pikachu, Metapod, Caterpie, weedle and Kakuna and you should go ahead and capture some people while you are in the forest too.

Now after you make you way out of the virdian forest you will be in Pewter City, where brock lives.

If you want you can take a look at the museum in the north part of Pewter city, but it cost $50 and there isn't really anything interesting there either.

Now you have to go into the GYM and challenge Brock the gym leader and beat him because you have to beat him or other wise you will be stuck in pewter city because the annoying boy will keep telling you to challenge the gym leader every time you try to go to the next city. It is best to have a Pokemon that has advantages over rock pokemon, unlike Pikachu so that you can have the advantage over brock's Pokemon and beat him.

After you beat brock he will give you TM 39 (Rock Tomb) and the boulderbadge which will allow you to use the move Flash out of battle.