April 2nd--- Mwaha! ^_^

Ok, well, that jooke yesterday wasn't too funny... xP
Half way through the day I screwed up the "Retro Falls" layout.
But anyways, I gots a new AWESOME layout!
Thank you so much Kirby, your layouts rock! ^_^
That's it! ^_^

April 1st--- April Fools!

Isn't this new layout so cool?
And, the site has a new name!
It's so spiffy! ^_^
Anyway, This layout will be with us for a while, so, you have plenty of time to shower me with praise! xD
Shimmer's Glow and Etsu's Hideout has just gotten a new layouts, so be SURE and see them!
Oh yeah, and Happy April Fools Day!!!!!