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The Server is back up, but Haunter Master is still no where to be seen.

I have just found out that I have access my FTP access back here, so I guess they fixed the server error, but now I have to upload all my site files again so we'll be back soon. Also I'm considering changing the site name to something like Pikachar's Clubhouse or something similar, so if you want you can enter a new site name suggestion in the saybox below or the forums. One of the things I'm still wonder about is what exactly happened to Haunter Master, who's the owner of Pokemon Element and my web host here because I still haven't received a email from him or seen him update Pokemon Element, which also got deleted like NPFS. Well anyways everything should be uploaded back sometime around Monday or Tuesday of next week  -  Nick, Webmaster of Nick's Pokemon Fan Site - Friday, January 18, 2008

In the meantime you can use the other services of NPFS:

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