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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Fandub



One day an aspiring Chimchar decides to finally join his favorite Pokemon Guild, but along the way he meets a strange Piplup who claims to be human. Both join Wigglytuff's guild and go on a quest with Sunflora to save Shinx's sister from her sickness, but they must go through the maze cave and retrieve the Gabite scale in order to help Shinx's sister from her ilness.

Fandub Cast:
Piplup -- pokemon_lover (pokemonlover20072)
Chimchar -- nickjuly4
Sunflora -- iSakura (sakurablossoms02)
Zangoose -- The DGM
Scyther -- DanChimchar
Sandslash -- GekkouKitsune
Corphish -- IloveDS73, MY IP Relay
Chatot -- DanChimchar
Diglett -- iSakura (sakurablossoms02)
Chimecho -- Aikara
Wigglytuff -- Ambey, iSakura (sakurablossoms02)
Loudred -- SherlockHolmeboy
Bidoof -- iSakura (sakurablossoms02)
Grovyle -- GekkouKitsune
Gabite -- Pokedance15
Shinx (Brother) - -Danchimchar
Shinx (Sister) -- Aikara
Kecleon Brothers -- iSakura (sakurablossoms02)
Golbats -- iSakura (sakurablossoms02)

Understudies and Cast Members who Left:
Piplup -- SonAmy4ever
Zangoose -- StarGamer15
Corphish -- Cliochu (PikaP0w3r), icebergthedragon, TheGoldCrow, elementalpowerstar, nejihyugadude
Diglett -- nickjuly4, pokedance15's little brother
Wigglytuff -- leon2457, Aikara, PeteWentzLuver58, lil_umbreon
Loudred -- Ambey, zst56, SherlockHolmeboy, eaglespirit12, bulbaboi4444
Grovyle -- Groudon,Mespirit,Celebi luver
Gabite -- FallenStar
Shinx (Sister) -- iSakura (sakurablossoms02)
Others -- legopower416, FusiontheCat, RydiaxChan, Chiefbrandon8000

Project Planning:



Special Thanks:
Pichu's World Forums (and Pinkie Pichu of course!)

2008-2011 UPD (Yes, this project is 3 years old!)

OBVIOUSLY, all original artwork, sound effects, Background Music and the Pokemon Trademark is copyrighted by Nintendo, Pokemon of America, Pokemon of Japan, ect. I, nor any other person in this project claim ownership of original work of this episode.