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Chimchar is a young aspiring Pokemon that wants to start his own dream exploration
team with his favorite guid, The Wigglytuff Guild. At first when he tries to ask to join
he get's scared from Diglett's "intruder" shout and runs to the beach where he meets a
sleeping Pokemon, Piplup. He then wakes up the sleeping Piplup and at first Piplup was
shocked by Chimchar's ability to talk then later Chimchar tries to ask where is Piplup from,
but Piplup doesn't know who he is or where he came from. Later, Chimchar tries to ask Piplup if
he wanted to start a exploration team with him, but at first Piplup didn't want to so instead
Chimchar took Piplup to see Wigglytuff to ask her why Piplup has turned into a Pokemon, but since
Wigglytuff couldn't anwser Piplup's question she registered a exploration team for them instead,
along with a new friend Sunflora. Chimchar also trusts his new friends Piplup and Sunflora who
have both helped him along the way of their exploration when he was in trouble.